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Marijuana Moritorium Ordinance
Effective 9/27/2011
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Union Cemetery is located on Blanchard and Littlefield Roads west of Winn, and Taylor Cemetery on Taylor Road just east of Vandecar Road.   Fremont Township residents may purchase lots for $25.00 per lot (minimum two) or four lots for $100.00
Grave openings are $450.00. Cremation burial is $150.00. Saturday openings: $550.00 Sunday openings: $625.00 Winter openings are $550.00 if plowing of the cemetery is required and additional $100.00 for Saturday, and additional $175 for Sunday during the winter.

Non Resident:  $400.00 (4 burial plots)  $200.00 ( 2 burial plots)
Foundations:  Done in May and September:  $75.00 up to 12" X 24".  Veteran Marker $50.00.  $175.00 up to 684 square inches.    $.25 per inch above 684.  30% more if done other times than May and September.
Absolutely no foundation or plot modifications without the expressed permission of the Fremont Township Board.

Cemetery Records

Community Center Rental

The Winn Community Center is available for rental by contacting the treasurer, Shirlee VanBonn at 989-866-2275, or 989-866-2360. Current rental rates are $500.00 per day (effective 10/1/2017 for all new rentals), or $300.00 per day for the dining area only and $75.00 per day for the pavilion only with an additional $25.00 if inside restrooms are to be used. Fund Raising activities for (Fremont Township residents only) is $100.00 plus a cleaning fee of $75.00.

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